A brief introduction about myself
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A brief introduction about myself

2018, Apr 15    

My full name is Pierre Jack Wilken and I was born on 10.07.1992 in Bensberg (Germany).

In my childhood I played a lot with my two brothers (4 years older and 5 years younger). Here I came relatively early with about 5 years in the first contact with various game consoles and the PC. This was the beginning of my fascination for technology and my position as a middle brother probably aroused my diplomatic vibe.

In adolescence, I then started to study something more intensively with my PC. From leveraging the parental control software, which my parents had installed to the experimenting with various Linux distributions. My career choice wasn´t hard for me.

After completing my degree with qualification in 2009, I completed the ITA course, a school-based training as an information technology assistant plus the degree (2009 to 2012).

After my vocational training as an IT specialist for application development (2012 to 2015), I began my studies of general computer science at the Technical University of Cologne.

In addition to my studies, I started the first 6 months to work as an bartender/waitress in a bistro and then worked for a year at the GIA (The Association for Industrial Automation) as an internal application developer and assistant to the administrator.

By the end of 2016, I started working for Liasoft UG alongside my work at the GIA. Since 2017, I have been working exclusively for Liasoft UG with the field of activity and responsibility, management, marketing, application development and as an assistant to the management.

From Feburary 2017 till the end of August I was living in the capital of Taiwan, Taipei. Here, beside working for the Liasoft UG, I was studying for one semester computer science at the NTUST (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology).

Since I´m back from Taipei and my traveling experiences, I´m continuing my studies and working for the Liasoft UG on Projects with the topics C#, .Net, Microservices, Docker, Rancher, Kubernetes and NFC.

Beside this I supervise exchange students for the Karibu and immigrants for the Pamoja program.